We all have friends around us. Some friends are closer than others. A trusted friend is one who can guide us. The guidance can be about our capabilities and strength or out of our unpleasant behavior. I happened to hear a case study recently and could relate to multiple things regarding trusted friendship. A child trusts her parents. Therefore, as parent, the responsibility is immense to help a child believe in herself. A guide is important to help you realize your powers to cross the ocean – of life or spiritual progression. Read further to see how trusted friends are key to personal growth.


Trusted friend in mythology

The whole army of Sugriva – the money king – was at the tip of southern India. The army was stuck! There was no clear path from here to the Lanka – where Lord Rama’s wife was. It is at this time that Jambvant told Hanuman what infinite power he has. He can fly, he can change his size, and he is invincible.

How did it happen that Hanuman was unaware of his powers? Well, the story goes like this – when Hanuman was a kid, he was mischievous. His mischief created a lot of trouble. To everyone’s surprise, he was invincible, so however small he was, no one could fight with him. Besides this, he was anyways a child. Who would want to fight with a child, right? One day when he bothered some community again, a sage cursed him – “you will forget all the powers you have until someone reminds you of these again.”
Just one sentence and Hanuman became Hanuman we know. Isn’t it interesting? We all need such friend and guide in our life who can make us believe in ourselves and remind us of our powers.

Trusted friend for child

We experience the same too. As a child, we hear more of what “Not” to do and what is wrong and avoid it. I am experiencing this whenever I tell Adviti – my daughter – not to do A or B thing. Oh yes, she is mischievous. I get the impression that when we tell kids about No and Nots, we create a virtual limitation in their subconscious mind. These limitations create a boundary that they start making around their capabilities and strength. Otherwise, almost every child is like Hanuman – except the flying and changing the size bit.

This is a learning experience for me. I must change how I should communicate with Adviti. She needs to learn how to believe in her capabilities and utilize those to do certain things that “are acceptable” as non-mischievous 🙂 A trusted friend for a child is parents, isn’t it? Watch this brief video from the movie Kung Fu Panda, the lesson is You Must Believe. I just love this movie, it has many lessons in less than 100 minutes.

Trusted friend for professional

I was talking to one of my close friends about one of his case studies of a course. In this case study, there was a certain new employee in a company. Even though he was new his passion helped him learn technical and non-technical aspects of the job quickly. In no time, he could successfully argue about the technical stuff with his seniors and convince about his point of view to almost all. His skill set helps him climb the ladders quickly. When there is passion, supporting leaders, and no fear of failure one can grow faster. None of his seniors cut him off or short ever to let him feel about his being new, inexperienced, or anything else. This kind of environment can help a person grow professionally too. Isn’t it?

KRD Pravin

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