I was standing at the platform, waiting for train. I was worried because rainy seasons trains are either late or cancelled. Naturally, platform was very crowded. Thankfully, a train arrived. Without any exception, unreserved category was already jam packed. People looming out side the gate as well. So, a few standing on platform jostled to get in, traveler standing on gate said – “there is no place why are you pushing me”. People standing on platform still tried pushing almost quarreling with – kind of – “gatekeepers”. They kept on pushing stating they want to get it and place can be made etc. Some reached from platform to the train compartment no doubt looming on the gate. Once they reached in – they started saying to those who were still trying – “there is no place!”

Instead of trying to board the train – I was looking at the faces of those who had just “arrived” from the platform to the train boggy!

KRD Pravin

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Rummuser · April 5, 2014 at 12:15 pm

The Indian Railways platform is the best classroom for human behaviour.

    KRD Pravin · April 6, 2014 at 6:30 am

    Yes, I learnt (experienced it) when I was in Gwalior. I traveled maximum number of times from Gwalior Station. Those were my student days when we generally used to travel in unreserved category.

    Just made a story out of that observation. Well, I boarded train pushing my way in the train 🙂 In Mumbai llocal this seen is rare but yes happens once in a while.

    I have also observed this in nouveau riche community. And I have yet to reach that stage.

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