When Anna said once – “I don’t agree to party politics.” I didn’t understand that. During election days I was being very hopeful on good candidates from the opposition parties and hoping they would make it one sided whitewash of ruling parties. Unfortunately I was too optimistic about Indian political system. There are many tainted candidates from all parties who have been in power for so many years. Just to give you a perspective

Criminals in Election

Source – ADR report first 6 phases Link

Note when my friend Vaibhav called to suggest write on elections I said no. He suggested don’t write favoring any party. So this suggestion boils down to what Anna Hazare said. A good way to make Indian political system accountable is voting a non criminal, non corrupt and good candidate at each constituency. Then forget he/she is from which party.

This will eventually force everyone to put forth better candidates – educated and worth voting for.

KRD Pravin

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Amit Tripathi · April 29, 2014 at 5:14 am

I’d agree with that. Vote for the non corrupt or go the NOTA way. The challenge is to get out of our pre conceived notions about candidates though. This election has not been about the country for even an instance, its been about personal preferences. I think a larger change in people’s hearts is needed before you see something like that happening.

    admin · April 29, 2014 at 5:21 am

    You are right Amit, it will indeed take some time to change our system and everything will start at individual level – head and heart!

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