PlaceI went to Kolkata a few weeks back, it is a wonderful city. Predominantly “god fearing” cultural city. [Question is – if God made us why should we be scared of him? Anyways] [Tweet “Question is if God made us why should we be scared of him?”] There are a lot of temples there, historical places. I was impressed. Well, I shall be going there once in a while, reason some time in the future.

I went to Kalighat temple there. I also went to Dakshineshwar temple. Unfortunately, I could not go to Belur math, next time some time.

The best part makes me laugh at myself. Actually we were running short of time, so when we went to Kali Temple, we bribed the Brahmin there and had “Darshan”. Yes it was a complete corruption there – at the doorstep of the God! 🙂 Amount of bribe was meager INR 5 (~10 cents) – well I did not pay that. Does it take so less to get to know the God?

[Tweet “we bribed the Brahmin there & had “Darshan”. Yes it was a complete corruption there, a meager INR 5″]

When we went to Dakshineshwar temple, we were told that the place where Ramkrishna used to sit, meditate and taught Swami Vivekanand was just next to the temple [check Google Maps image]. That places was kind of abandoned. There was no one to bow at that temple – as against the long queues I had been seeing at Kalighat and Dikshineshwar temple. In fact, the place was locked!

I felt that the real place which was filled with the presence of an enlightened master is abandoned and we are “again” missing the real essence. At one place we are bribing to have a glimpse of the God and at a place we are ignoring the existence of the master, who walked this place just last century.

At both the places, I felt as if I/we missed the Gods – once we even bribed and other time the temple where everyone must go is empty, not even maintained. It reminded me of Neeraj’s poem

पंडित मुल्ला सब झूठे है (pandit mulla sab jhute hai – Pandit, Mulla all are liers)
इनसे हाथ मिलना छोड़ (inse hath milana chhod – leave them, dont follow them)
Read complete poem Neeraj in Kabir’s style
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KRD Pravin

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rummuser · December 20, 2014 at 5:07 pm

God fearing is an English colonial term used by English speaking Indians, usually having learnt it in the so called convent or missionary schools run by Christians.. The Sanatana Dharma in its pure form does not have an equivalent. In the Indian system, it is Bhakti where there is love and devotion, no fear. The only fear in the Indian system, mark my use of word system, there is no religion, the fear is only when it comes to karmaphala either in this life itself or in the next. And God has not made us, we are God. Corruption in India is ubiquitous exactly because we can bribe pundits and gods and there is no sin it it! You will do very well indeed to follow Neeraj’s advice. Investigate yourself our philosophy, myths and symbols and decide for yourself. No one will promise you heaven or hell unless you go looking for some Swami or Guru to give you psychological support.

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