I checked the Whatsapp message, it was Jay Jiju (Jay Phadke my brother in law), my cousin sister’s husband. He had just sent a messagealien-house2 – “I was having lunch with Soham and we were discussing ‘what is home?’ ‘what is school?’ How do you define home/school etc”

Soham is my nephew – 9 year old. Smart kid and at times grown-up to his age.

Instantly I could relate his questions to the Book of Mirdad. The following are the lines from the same book

‘Happy are the staff-less,
They stumble not.
Happy are the homeless,
They are at home.
The stumblers only – like ourselves, Need walk with staff,
The home-chained only, like ourselves,
Must have a home.’

Have you ever questioned yourself – what is home? My brother in law’s question of school some other time. Just concentrate on home. Home in day to day words is a place where we stay, live and dwell. We live even if  there is no place to live; we stay anywhere we go and dwelling is in a way dwelling similar to living or thinking about a point. So effectively what is a home? Is it a place where we get peace of mind, feel we have arrived or perhaps every end of day we run to reach there. But have we ever ‘arrived’? Have we ever really ‘stayed’ there? Home is at times a place where we spend some time.

All these weird thought about arriving, staying et al remind me of The Buddha saying to Angulimala – “I have stopped long back, now it is your turn to stop”. Because even if we think that I have reached home, the exercise of going and than rushing back HOME never ends. Have we really arrived?

Jay jiju send another message to me later. In this message he said – HOME, relates more to an experience/feeling. That feeling can be achieved at any other place. The point – it seems – is just ‘be’ – remain arrived.


KRD Pravin

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rummuser · August 30, 2015 at 6:57 am

I must be very unhappy. I use the equivalent of a staff when I walk, despite which I often stumble; I live in a very comfortable home to which I am very attached. See? Words can be used in any way that one wants to drive home a particular point of view. Mirdad’s way is not better than mine or mine better than his. They are just different and both are perfectly legitimate.

Some more wisdom from the staffed homebird sage of Kalyani Nagar: You never arrive when you are on a journey. The idea is to be on a permanent journey.

    KRD Pravin · August 30, 2015 at 8:03 am

    The sage from Kalyani Nagar is another Mirdad, I know it well.

    I know you have read The book of Mirdad. Mirdad uses contradictions perfectly so do you :). Remember in one chapter he is against “Ego” and in the next chapter he talks about most creative word in the world is “I”.

rummuser · August 30, 2015 at 6:21 pm

Being consistent is unnatural and boring.

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