Mr MundhraI recently had privilege to meet Mr BD Mundhra Chairman emeritus of Simplex Infrastructure. He was kind enough to spend some time with us and share his perspective on spirituality, business and life at large. I shall share what I learnt from him in future blogs. Here is a short story from the book Happy Life (Sukhi Jeevan) written by Late Shree Madhodas Ji Mundhra, that he gifted to us.

In a village lived a Sadhu. He used to cook for himself. One day he prepared his meal as usual. He invited two persons from the village to join him for the meal. He had prepared a meal of lentils, rice, some greens with a chutney. While serving the two, he served both his invitees equal portions. But he discriminated when it came to the chutney. He served the chutney to one but not to the other. The deprived one kept on thinking why he was not being served the chutney. But he said nothing. The other invitee ate the chutney with relish. He asked for an extra helping. He was given that. Meanwhile, the other one was feeling very humiliated. As the meal was coming to an end, he could not stop himself any more. He asked the sadhu why he had not been served the chutney. The sadhu simple said “Okay, so you want it?” With these words, he served the chutney to this person. As soon as the person put the chutney in his mouth, he could not bear it and spat it out. The chutney was too bitter. It was made of leaves of Neem tree. This man failed to comprehend how his companion was actually eating it and relishing the taste.

The sadhu explained that it was all in the mind. Even the bitter taste has its own appeal and merit. This is nothing but positive frame of mind. Such an effective and positive state of mind and inclination makes a man find some element of contentment even in his hour of sorrow.

It’s all in the mind. This is why there is a prayer – “Tanmey Manah Shivasankalpamastu

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rummuser · December 6, 2015 at 4:12 pm

A good story indeed.

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