screen shot 2014-09-28 at 2.32.00 pm.pngWhen I was studying in 12th, I had hoard of intelligent classmates. About 10% of the class was very good in Mathematics. We had completed a couple of chapters of 12th Math in advance. When these chapters were discussed in Math class session we did what we could do the best. We were wicked – as any smart fellow can be – we used to solve these problems in no time before rest of the 90% could even understand the concept. Than we used to start discussing the topic between/among ourselves. Our teacher used to be disappointed, she could not tell us anything – as we had solved the problem, we were discussing the problem (how to solve it faster and not a movie). She used to feel that she is missing on her responsibility of teaching the concept to the rest of the class.

We were wicked, we were intelligent, we were brutal (for our other classmates) and we were trying to make as much out of our class time that we can be more competitive. The reason was whole of our class was preparing for State Pre-Engineering Test (MPPET) – 19 or 25 of us made it to Engineering out of 70 students  (which was a record for school). My friend and me were among some toppers! So, we were doing whatever we could do to get to the topics which were tough for us. One way was completing other topics faster [because we were not able to force the teacher to start topic of our choice].

Just to give you an example – Teacher was teaching Probability theory, we used to solve the problems in no time, as most of us (the 10%) were good in that. Probability otherwise was not a simple thing, so 90% were trying to grasp the concept; we are already talking in class. The 90% used to get hassled & were not able to understand whats going on! Ma’am was little too supportive to us – we were at the top! We (the 10%) wanted to finish Probability quickly and go to Vectors and 3-D Geometry. We were learning that ourselves and wanted to support our learning with class sessions. This nonsense kept on happening starting Calculus to XYZ to Probability sessions. After a while, Ma’am realized that these guys are beating the system. The “probability” of same happening in Vectors and 3-D Geometry session was increasing day by day.

One day before start of the mathematics class, she called us (the 10%) of the class in a different class room. She told us – in as simple words as she could – “I know you people are intelligent, I appreciate it. You are very good at Mathematics. But you know what? I have a responsibility to teach the other 90% of the class as well. I would suggest you people to abstain from class for next couple of days, because this will help your other classmates to learn better!”

We were not able to understand her this very simple message or a very polite order. We felt she was being sarcastic. We started being more regular. Kept on beating the system. Even the Principal could not do much as everyone in our school knew – all these people are “actually” toppers whatever subject you take. This happened in 1996-97 during our class 12th.

Now, I am revisiting that time and thinking to replace – teacher & whole school staff with the Govt of any nation. We (the 10% of us, toppers) with the top 1% or 5% of the wealthiest/powerful of that nation. Rest of the 90% of my classmates as rest of the population of the country. Did you see any ways the top seated people are beating the system? If no, please re-read the story I narrated above. Change the situation – now do you think the teacher/principal (Govt) needed (needs) to do something different? Something to perform their duty better and manage the wicked, intelligent, smart, brutal and selfish “we the top 10% students” (the top 1% or5%)

This is the problem of top 1% or 5% or 10%, they want to maximize their own profits, most of the times beating the system. Sometimes, we need to think – if I produce something, there should be enough money in market so that my prospective buyer can buy what I produce.

At times, its about collectively growing!

Disclaimer – The author could – at best – secure 2nd position and remained in top 10% most of his academic career.

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Note – Check image above Corporate Cash Holding in Japan and Japan’s economy – read recent blog – Did Keynes fail Japan?

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