Some of us met each other more than 30 years ago. However most of us met 25 years back when we took admission in Technical school. We studied together for 2 years had a wonderful bond, competition, cultural events, and sports besides education in the school. After 12th, many lost contact because we all took different paths. Thanks to lockdown, a blessing in disguise, my childhood friend Abhishek created our school’s group on WhatsApp. This close to quarter of a century old disconnection made Vinee – another of my school friends – ask an interesting question. What if everyone can share what they did post our 12th till now? It would be great to know the journey of everyone. In fact, in some cases, we have forgotten some of the batchmates. Everyone has a story and these stories become life lessons for others isn’t it? Whatever experience we have good or bad, shape us. The darkest of the night has a bright day on the other side.


We connected after a long time we all are rejoicing in these discussions. Some have shared their stories, others are yet to share. I am in the former category. I did introspection and then shared about how my life moved on from there. It was an interesting exercise, thanks to Vinee for asking the question that made me introspect and Abhishek for creating the group. On a lighter note, I feel we have grown old. About 8 years back, I used to ask Saxena Sir, Ramana uncle about what and how life has been for them and what would they want to tell me as some of the lessons in hindsight. Their thoughts are share in different blogs earlier

There are shocks and failures that teach you biggest lessons in life than any success does.
It is true that owning cattle, jewels or kingdoms is mine of wealth
But when you own wealth of contentment (satisfaction) those mines (cattle, jewels etc) of wealth become worthless (like dust)
Work and spirituality live in backyard of each other
When I was a kid, I used to pick up stones the way Chinu does now. Now, I am grown up (may be!) and now I care for different kind of stones
We are running on a treadmill, we do not reach anywhere but still get tired. At times, it becomes purpose of our life!
This is an interesting story, how a small article – undergarment in this case – brings the whole world with it.

Bright day on the other side

When I look back, I realize that I had been blessed with some awesome experience and faced some tough times too. When I was going through bad phases I felt worthless and worst to be walking on the face of the earth. Now when I analyze life in hindsight it looks everything was great. I know that at times I had been sulking, getting frustrated, and looking for better things in life or thought that I deserve better than what I got. It might be that sometimes I did not deserve something, yet I got it.

Generally, we think like this – what I got I deserved it or I deserved better than what I got. In the present moment it is the best that we accept what we have got in life. Otherwise we end up muddling our present too. All years when I see the ups and downs of my life I realize that it’s good that I had gone through these ups and downs otherwise, a straight line life without ups and downs would have resembled a cardiogram of a dead person’s heartbeat.

Life is made-up of the sum total of the situations we face, how we respond to those situations, learn from those and the decisions we make. At times we get in trouble, at times we make wrong decisions and at times we come out victorious even out of the worst of the situations that we are facing. This has been lessons from my introspection.

This pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has put everyone in tough situations. The times are troubled – no doubt about it – however the decisions we make and the way we respond to the situation is going to define us, how we are going to go ahead from this point to the future. The decisions we make are going to be far-reaching for us and generations, be it business owners or working professionals. The darkest of the night has a bright day on the other side.

KRD Pravin

Here I am supposed to write about myself. Professionally, I am quite serious and a workaholic; personally I am an individual who enjoys what he does and takes life as it comes. I am passionate about my work and actions and empathetically careful, attached and committed to them. All this makes me a fierce competitive professional and yet a compassionate soul, the Yin and the Yang together. Balancing is the art to be practiced using the middle path. From -


rummuser · June 1, 2020 at 6:27 pm

The pop ups has made visiting this blog site an unpleasant experience and I request you to remove them if you wish me to visit and comment. Thank you.

    KRD Pravin · June 4, 2020 at 10:45 am

    Removed 🙂

    May things happening in life simultaneously so did not get time to fix few issues. Trying to continue with the writing in these times.

    Now it is fixed.

rummuser · June 4, 2020 at 6:15 pm

Thank you. Yes, reflecting on all the good things that have happened in our lives is a good way to counter depressing thoughts in these lockdown times. This too shall pass.

    KRD Pravin · June 4, 2020 at 7:59 pm

    It’s not depressing thoughts that I was going through. More of nostalgia.

    Reflection helps in wherever situations that’s why I keep on asking you – “master Shifu reach me kung-fu” (it’s a dialogue of Kung fu panda) I mean life lessons so thatni can improve

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