He was playing with his slingshot. When he released the sling, stone fell down. He tried the slingshot again, failed again. Kunal came to know, he asked me why the slingshot is not working? I looked at the sling where stone was held leather pad. There was some sticky material, mostly a used and thrown chewing gum attached to it. We removed it and Kunal happily started playing with the slingshot again.

Playing Slingshot (गुलेल) / Catapult, is an immense learning. You pull the stone back with a sling, take an aim and release. You wait for some time until the stone touched / reached the target. There is an interesting analogy in this.The sling is like your present action, preparation and “now”. Your leather pad is like your past experience, your mind (where many things are held). The aim and trajectory is like future. The better control you have on everything, good it is for your life.

Kunal’s slingshot gave me another insight. The past / mind, if spoiled with a memory that may hurt your present and future, you are putting everything that you have at a stake. In Kunal’s case the pad had a chewing gum – a kind of adhesive. If you stick to the past – mostly not to an inspiring past memories, you are more likely to be stuck in life. Such things bring you down. Have you ever thought of a moment when you were involved in something wholeheartedly? Did your past experiences interfere your present actions like that gum of Kunal’s slingshot? You were focused on the activity – like pulling the pad back, possibly the size and weight of stone and your aim (target) was clear. There was no confusion, no fear and no blockage. You just did what best you could do – living and enjoying the present moment.

Image source – Pixabay.

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Wow!!! The analogy. Thank you for sharing.

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