Very interesting video, must watch. It is in Hindi (occasionally English), so apologies for those who cant understand Hindi. Yet a brief for you and some key points from the video –

The person is talking about environment & in general about agriculture in India.

  1. People are migrating to cities
  2. People are quitting agriculture, to survive we have to eat but no one wants to do farming!
  3. We are saying agriculture is a business of loss. We have made it “business” when we do something as business, greed comes in it inherently. When greed comes somewhere ethics are compromised.
  4. Well and water, how is water used by us?
  5. Are we just bringing up a generation of kids scoring 99% in exam but having now available natural resources such as air, water, food?
  6. Please just do your bit, how? Watch in the end.

Across the nation and across religious / political affiliation this is something we all must think about.

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KRD Pravin

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rummuser · January 14, 2016 at 4:51 pm

This is too simplistic an approach to a complex problem. It is not peculiar to India and we are where the West was before WWI. It is since then that farming changed and rural populations dwindled with consequent increase in urban population with a completely different economic model. That aspirations changed is not to be denied but in India, the single most important factor has been the fragmentation of land due to multiple inheritances with increasingly smaller landholdings making it uneconomical. Water does play its role but with effort can be managed but not the other factors. Readjustment to a different economic model is the order of the day.

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