This blog is in the series of blogs on – against – the caste system of India. In the new year once again* I wish some day we would value people on their

Capabilities and not Caste
Action and not Ancestry
Character and not on Color of skin

Disclaimer – I belong to Lingayat (Veershaiva) community. Here is the blog I wrote on the community I am born in  Cast(e)ing doubts – Lingayats!

I strongly feel that we need to grow as human race. I am critical about my community but the problem is with all communities in India. As always I wish we would all be more just and value person as a human and not as his/her caste.

Unfortunately in Sept 2013, I saw a front page news in The Times of India Mumbai edition – “Jaisalmer will have crematorium based on caste“, yes that was front page news. A long way to go for us.

I feel utterly shocked that even a dead body is considered Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya etc… that is height of stupidity. Thankfully, in Rajasthan, people this time around have voted out such government which could plan to make crematoriums based on caste!

Hope and wish one day sooner rather than later we would value people on their being what they are rather than what caste they belong to. And specially at least we will consider a dead body, well “a dead body”

Note *-

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