I am on leave for a couple of days. So, I went to meet my sister. She had been thinking of buying a mobile for a long time now. Not surprisingly she had at least 3 old handsets, besides 1 working handsets. Alas! we bought one for her.  While on our way to purchase new mobile, I told her – “these things are electronic waste you are keeping with yourself, sell old when buying new one”. Question is – is it a/’the’ solution? Selling & the buyer dumping that cheap plastic somewhere?

I came across this website (Link – https://phonebloks.com/en) and its product – PhoneBloks in Oct. I signed in to their petition and remembered this is a good solution. The concept is very simple, interesting yet seems difficult to realize. Watch video for more.

This seemingly simple approach can help resolve problem of electronic junk from the world.

The other thing that came to my mind was this. What if we look at 24 hours of our day as blocks? We make these blocks as personal time, reading news paper, travel to office, office hours, eating out, weekly purchasing, sleeping, socializing, social networks and “rest of the time”. If we fix these “TIME BLOCKS” in our 24 hours wont it make our life easier to manage? Yes it is tough to squeeze in so many thing, however if a company can try it for Phones why not we try to do it for ourselves?

KRD Pravin

Here I am supposed to write about myself. Professionally, I am quite serious and a workaholic; personally I am an individual who enjoys what he does and takes life as it comes. I am passionate about my work and actions and empathetically careful, attached and committed to them. All this makes me a fierce competitive professional and yet a compassionate soul, the Yin and the Yang together. Balancing is the art to be practiced using the middle path. From - http://business2buddha.com/about/


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