I was watching Padosan (Old Hindi Comedy movie). The movie is interesting and I came to know that it has been made in different Indian languages. In that movie the protagonist (Sunil Dutt) repeats a couple of times an ancient concept of Hindu culture.  The concept is Ashramas of human life. According to these Ashramas there are four stages of life each divided in roughly 25 years duration. These duration and our current life style made me think. I have always been wondering about what we want? We all have been running, some know why, some do not know why are we running? Many of those who know are running behind money, other few are behind fame and so on. Yes money is required to fill our stomach on a daily basis, is required for basic amenities. Beyond a certain point do we still need money? Yes!

When we are not satisfied with what we have. We run behind something either closing our eyes or because we can not think of anything else.

Rajat Gupta

Whole life we have been running behind money, if one day at an age of 60 we are told – ‘stop it!’ For some time we would feel uncomfortable what to do? Then since whole life we have been doing just one thing we would start the race again. Unknowingly money becomes purpose of life, if this running around wont be there we wouldn’t have any reason to survive, right?

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

With due respect to those who have made a lot of money, I was wondering about a recent case of insider trading, involving Mr Rajat Gupta. Mr Gupta made it big in the corporate world, proved how successful a person could be. Yet in a recent court case sentenced for 25 years imprisonment. The reason – an  inadvertent (probably) or wishful (probably) – sharing of boardroom discussion. I was seriously wondering what more a person needs? You are famous, you are rich and you have had a very successful life, what more?

Maslow‘s needs need hierarchy theory seems to have failed us repeatedly. There seem to be no end to the level of ‘Esteem’. What more we need to move beyond Esteem to self-realization?

Image source – Maslow’s need hierarchy – Wikipedia, Mr Rajat Gupta – The Hindu

KRD Pravin

Here I am supposed to write about myself. Professionally, I am quite serious and a workaholic; personally I am an individual who enjoys what he does and takes life as it comes. I am passionate about my work and actions and empathetically careful, attached and committed to them. All this makes me a fierce competitive professional and yet a compassionate soul, the Yin and the Yang together. Balancing is the art to be practiced using the middle path. From - http://business2buddha.com/about/


rummuser · June 18, 2012 at 11:37 pm

What we need is a proper understanding of Purushartha. (http://www.hindupedia.com/en/Purushartha)

Rummuser · May 3, 2013 at 2:47 pm

I would reiterate that you need to read “What Money Can’t Buy” and “Justice” by Michael Sandel.

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