I had written about this earlier, however thought to revisit the same again. What is the meaning of system when it is not solving the required purpose? Let us take the same example again from my previous post Lost in translation. What is the meaning of grammar (System) if the language (Following the system) is not able to communicate the message using the grammer?

To make my point further clear, let me take recent developments in India. In case of Anna Hazare, the Government was shouting about the SYSTEM in place, “THE SUPREME PARLIAMENTARY PROCESS” and therefore was not relenting to the rightful issue of sentiments of the common man of India. What is the use of such process which is not listening to the voices of people, and we call it DEMOCRACY! At the same time, Supreme court of India has kept death sentences (ruled in favor of High Court) for Killer of Mr Rajiv Gandhi and Afzal Guru (involved in parliament attack of 2003), let me repeat – Supreme Court of India. Yet for many years they are in jails of India. Now, the system of respecting the Supreme Court is not followed. What kind of SYSTEMS we are talking about?

A man/woman – actually killer in some sense – is in jail not receiving the fruits of his/her crime, why because we can do away with some systems selectively to suit our benefits. At the same time a man (Anna) – who is fighting for a cause – is given rule-book and all sorts of stories of systems, stating what he is doing is not in favor of democracy. What nonsense! Are not these systems making us handicap rather than helping us? Is the system making us feel – in India, you can get away with murders too?

Reiterating this from my earlier blog – …I am not arguing against systems. I am just trying to say that one has to answer the question – why at first place we designed systems?

1. to facilitate operations of society (in case of religion, culture and laws)
2. to facilitate operations of work (in case of businesses).

Inputs from Prof Mankad on need of system –
3. to facilitate understanding of the present and formulating vision for the future (in case of education)
4. to facilitate orderly day to day living for people, ensure fairness in dealings, security and openness (in case of governance, transparency and judiciousness). At times, systems are inadequate too.

And therefore my stand is no spiritual teacher advocated “create a religion in my name” …and do business on the same. They just showed the path, I recall Mahavir (one of the messengers of Jainism) used ‘Syādvāda’. What I understand about ‘Syādvāda’* is – this is true and that is also true. Everything is based on relativity. Systems are correct if they solve the basic purpose, if they do not – better to change them. Everything of 12th century (or Before Christ) may not be relevant today better abolish some of them, right? So, relevance is important and thus the doctrine of postulation… systems are correct but in context, be it democracy of India. Mahavir said that 500 years BC (Before Christ), we are still not listening/learning, are we?

More on Syādvāda in future blogs.

*Note – it is purely my understanding and please do your research for references

KRD Pravin

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Tarun K. Kushwaha · December 9, 2011 at 1:13 pm

Well summarized Pravin, I must say!!!
I am compelled here to quote an example of your shoes here to take a stand on this. When you last bought your new pair of shoes, you needed to answer many questions inside you (or may be some such questions from your mother as well) like do you need a new pair of shoe? Isn’t the old pair of shoes enough? Whether you will be able to afford a new pair of shoes? And above all will this new pair of shoes serve the purpose – take you to the destination and that too with comfort? Somehow you managed to answer all such questions and finally were able to buy yourself a new pair.

This was a smaller achievement when you compare it with the outcome. If this new pair breaks down in just a few days of trial or it starts giving you “shoe bites” you have to see a cobbler. If the cobbler mends the problem by hammering some nails in it or gluing it, then the purpose is served as long as it helped you reach the destination whatever be the cost. But if cobbler is unsuccessful then after couple of more tries you will have to change this pair of shoes with another pair which is more comfortable even though it comes at a dearer cost.

Fortunately all this happens at very minuscule time frame when compared to the changing the system. The system which comprises of more than 1.2 billion souls is definitely going to take a longer time to change. The problem is not just with the government when you talk about corruption. It’s with all of use (barring a supposed few). Even though the higher ups in the government who deal in just a few thousand crores of currency, it is nearly at par with the other lower members (including us) who deal in just a few thousand bucks when we participate in corruption dynamics. They offering or accepting bribes or bullying others drawing power from their “chairs” is as unjust as we offering bribes to a “mama” on the road or offering “sweets” / “chai pani” to the Municipality officials to open ‘kirana shops’ a little while longer or when not asking for a receipt from a shopkeeper after buying a kilo of dal or even a bulb from an electrician or finding ways to steal Income Tax.

When everybody is happy doing what everybody is doing, its difficult to change everybody. The amount of inertia involved is huge. Just to tell you what I saw at India Gate during the “Anna” movement. People were basically there to crack jokes and be shown on TV giving “encouraging and energetic comments” but most definitely not to support Anna.

I just wish this was not true, but it is the stark reality. When all of us ourselves decide to be right the system will be right automatically. Its easier to spot a bad apple in a basket of good apples, but impossible to point on a bad apple in a basket of bad apples.

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