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As I shared last week, we are blessed with a baby girl – Adviti. Our daughter has just turned 6 months. With her coming in, and our near and dear visiting us, comparison of “who does she look like?” started. Some say she looks like me others say she looks like my wife. Yet others say, her face will change for first couple of years and we cannot make a final judgement until then.

Besides her looks, we have observed a peculiar behavior of Adviti. She has a sideways smile. This smile resembles bit of my smile. It surprised us in the beginning. Initially we brushed it aside as a random observation. However, when we saw Adviti smile often sideways, plus stretching herself after waking up, we realized that she probably has got some behavioral traits resembling mine. We started asking ourselves, besides the physical appearance does baby have behavioral similarity too with parents? It is not some behavioral trait at a later stage of (learnt by) the baby but an infant as young as 3 months.

When my wife and I had this question, we realized the value of building ourselves into a better person. We are not only building ourselves but also our coming generations. This brings me back to spirituality and meditation. You can read an interesting article on advantages of meditation at this link. Have you ever questioned how does your present life impact your offspring (born or unborn)? Perhaps meditation has some keys of evolved future generations.

Now, I am firm believer that we must teach meditation and spiritual practices to our kids, these are more likely to impact our coming generations positively. At times, when I see kids playing violence based games or watch gory movies I feel that we need to put some discretion somewhere.

I believe Sri Sir Ravi Shankar (or some other spiritual master), said somewhere once – “…meditation done by a person impacts his ancestors as well as coming generation…” When I see Adviti’s some behavioral traits I have no doubts about the impact now.

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