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Though sunrise and sunset are human perception, yet if with this limited perception we look at the concept we can learn – 1. something that has a beginning has an ending and 2. every coin has two faces.

Our perceptions are illusions in this case the setting of sun or rising of the same. These perception create our reality even if half truth. Remember watching matrix? At one place in the first part of the movie, a kid says – Remember, there is no spoon! In the matrix there was no spoon, in the context of sunset and sunrise there was the concept of only visibility. Isn’t it? We only see setting sun because it’s not visible to us once it is set from our side of world. Whereas in reality it is on the other side.

When writing this blog I came across a video on illusion, here it is (source unknown).

After watching this video you would realize that there were many things that you perceived were put in specific manner but were not the reality when camera angel change. Our perception of reality many times are the same.

Our such perceptions make us relate to everything in binary such as sunset and sunrise or bad and good . Just imagine if we start living at north or south pole, in these poles there is day or night for 6 months. Would not it be weird? Specially for those who live around the equator when we are used to seeing relatively even duration based day and night. This is why it is better to have a day and night, sunset and sunrise, good and bad everything happening around us. Otherwise life may become monotonous. Imagine how can we value lord Rama if there were no Ravana? In all these perceptions and illusions, the goal is to go beyond the false perception and be unflapped.  I cannot get a word for that in English – the word unflapped in negative of something (un-). I can just hope the meaning is conveyed.

Sunset or Sunrise was the topic of LBC. I always miss out on OR in such type of blog titles of LBC, I am kind of integrative – I read the topic as AND. You can see what the other writers of the LBC have to say in their respective blogs.  Maria, Rummuser, Ashok and Shackman.