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I am trying to keep pace with my work and personal life. It is difficult to get time to read books these days. So, whenever something comes up I read it, not necessarily a book. Here is one interesting read for you –


An experiment was done with fourth grade children (reference The Payoff Principle) in a school – a game of stomping balloon. Each child was tied a balloon on his/her leg. The objective of the game was to pop others balloon while saving your baKid-Balloonlloon. The person who is left with intact balloon would be declared winner.

The children in one group played the game with full commitment and stomped balloon of others as quickly as possible. It was a battle of being pushy, offensive and powerful to get others out of the game. Within no time all the balloon were stomped.

This same game was played in a different school with special children. They were given same explanation as the previous group, but this group played the game very differently. Since it was a group of differently abled children perhaps they were not clear of instruction. This group understood the game like this – “we have to pop the balloons”. These kids were concentrating on balloon to pop and move on to next rather than saving their own and the other child as the target.

These kids started helping each other pop the balloons. For example – one kid took his balloon and held it in hands so that other can pop it. Once that was popped, the other kid took the balloon tied in his leg and held it, someone popped that balloon. In some time, all balloons were stomped. It went on like this for some time until the balloons were popped, in the end every child cheered and every child won!

The author concludes – ” …we tend to think another man’s success as one less opportunity for us to succeed. …in our world we have one top dog…” “…If we ever find yourself in that enviable position, we will fight like a mad man to maintain our hold on it… How are you playing your game?”

This is where the difference comes into play. The concept of this blog Business to the Buddha is similar, we need to change the perspective of our world, our own-self and things will change only to improve.

Image source – https://pixabay.com/en/balloon-happy-child-infant-kid-154183/

Story source – The Payoff Principle (Google Books sample)