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Since long when I started blogging on Business to the Buddha; I had this in mind – we are all connected (Interdependent co-arising in Buddhism). Therefore, if the whole world wants to look at development, it can only happen if all grow, not at the cost of ‘other’. I have written about 260+ blogs in last 5+ years, recently, I found a perfect way this concept was presented by Tanmay Vora. It’s perfectly said that a picture says a thousand words, Tanmay has proved it right here.

I requested Tanmay to let me share the drawing on my blog, and he was kind enough to let me do this. You can read his thoughts on Mindset shift here.

Profit Purpose Saint in SuitThis is the idea of my thoughts on being Saint in Suit. We all need to grow as professionals and as individuals. We have to be saints in business and personal life both this will be profit with purpose.

To read more of Tanmay’s thoughts go to – http://qaspire.com/