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One day, by the side of a beggar, a golden chariot with divine being descended from the sky. The beggar thought that he was lucky and would become rich. But to his surprise, the divine being asked him for alms. Cursing his stars and out of disgust, the beggar took out a small Piece of grain from his bag and offered it to the divine being.

The whole day, the beggar was very unhappy that he had lost a grain. Before going to sleep, the beggar opened his bag to see what he had collected throughout the day. To his great surprise, he found a piece of gold in the form of a grain. He immediately realized it was in return for what he had given to the Celestial being. He cursed himself for not having given all that he had in his possession.’

Learn to give. The more you give the more will you receive in return; if you hoard, it would only be for others.

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Source – I read this story in a book of Swami Sukhbodhananda Oh Mind relax please.