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Recently I heard of Sahitya Akademi award controversy. The issue at hand is – many intellectuals are returning their awards conferred to them by the Govt. Sahitya Akademi is a National organization for literature, it is under the ministry of culture Govt of India.

Since, I am not in India currently so the source for all this happening was internet. The spark for these events is – brutal murder of an author, rationalist and scholar Mr M M Kalburgi. By the way, I searched on Wikipedia – he was a Lingayat. No, I am not going to say that READ HERE again! Resignation

So according to my knowledge – Mr Kalburgi was a Sahitya Akademi awardee of 2006. He – being a rationalist – opposed idol worshiping. In India it is fine to follow any religion and practice the rituals suggested in the religion. Idol worship is prominent in India. I too believe it is fine not to worship idol. At the same time, I am fine with people worshiping idols, it is their preference. However, killing Mr Kalburgi – who is against idol worship – is not acceptable.

I came to know about the Sahitya Akademi award return (by many previous awardees) is influenced by another event in India – a cold blooded murder of a person. Mob killed a person because it was rumored that he has eaten beef! Eating beef is a norm in western world are we going to kill the foreigners too? I am a vegetarian and my belief is we should not kill to eat. Also, if selling/eating beef in India is not legal it does not mean mob can kill a person based on that rumor. Here is a video in which Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is sharing his opinion on why one should not eat beef (and other things)

Another news I read recently is killing of 2 kids of Dalit family in Haryana. What are we doing? It is surprising.

All these points boiled down to tolerance for me. We need to be accepting people’s opinion and not be selective.

Out of curiosity I thought to check opinion on Ramana uncle (generally I call him to ask for his opinion, but currently it is expensive to do that). I searched on his site for tolerance and found this blog – Ramana Uncle on MF Hussein. This blog is on events happened around the kind of work M. F. Hussein has done.

Even if we talk about tolerance, freedom of expression etc it does not mean one gets the right to evoke sentiments the way Mr Hussein did neither it gives authority to kill others.

Image source – Twitter (unfortunately I dont have the link)