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I was in grade 8 when one of my teachers – Mr Maltare told us this story – A donkey becomes fat in summers and looses weight in rainy & winter season. Reason is that the donkey feels that it has eaten a lot and that feeling makes it psychologically feel too full & gain weight. In rains & winters it feels it has not eaten enough & there is more than what it can feed itself. This causes the donkey to feel helpless, miserable & underfed. The results are what I wrote above.

If we take the same example of the donkey, we would realize that the developed nations have lot more psychological illness than they should have. Abundance there is more compared to the developing or underdeveloped nations. apparently, I see the same issues with adults in developing nations as well. I don’t think my father or many/any of his friends suffered psychological/heart related serious issues. However, these problems are more prevalent among the young generation now. We may argue that earlier there were no sophisticated instruments or people did not even know that there is a problem therefore visit a physician. Agreed, so here is my own’s example! This is what happens when I visit shopping malls –

When I go to big shopping malls, I realize that I don’t have enough money (to buy all the luxuries of the mall/world). However, when I look at myself (in terms of monthly salary I earn), I think I fall in a top 25% of earning population in India. But this complex that I do not have enough money to buy, does not go. Similar to the story of the donkey above. Believe it or not, this must be the feeling of many Indian people. I checked the following statistics of The Times of India last Friday. Which apparently proves at least on thing – I fall in top 40% at least [Rural India has 60% or more population of India.] Yet that psychological issue of buying more/consuming more/wishing for more and “limited resources” create a kind of misery.

Urban Rural Poverty

Image source – The Times of India Mumbai Edition Friday 20th March 2015.