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In India we celebrate maximum number of New Years – Hindu New Year, Christian New Year, Parasi New Year etc etc. Besides all these new year celebrations we have many more festivals. I believe is we go by every tradition and religion followed here, every second day would be a reason to celebrate. And why not? We should enjoy and celebrate life, why wait?

When I reflect and visualize ancient India, I can only visualize happy songs and some festivities of this movie – Utsav. Not the whole movie but the rustic milieu and everyone knowing the other and festivity. I remember as a kid we used to have almost a one month holiday during Diwali. We used to celebrate a lot of festivals, one was Vasant Utsav during Feb March followed by Holi. Holi too used to be an interesting festival and we used to say – “Do not mind its Holi today” (बुरा न मानो  होली है).

holiI relate most celebrations to Holi (though now a days holi is celebrate with wilderness, which I do not like). Our every celebration should be like Holi celebration. Wish we can learn from that one sentence – do not take life seriously, Enjoy life. Now we search for reasons to be happy and enjoy life. Thought this “search” can be accommodated however “joy” should be with awareness. I think we are missing that link of awareness now a days.

I heard Sri Sri’s (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) old talk QnA session. In that session he emphasized on celebrating every moment. It is a good idea.

Celebrate daily, celebrate every moment – with full awareness.

Image source – http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/asia-pacific/india/120308/holi-celebrations-color-poisoning