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When I was a kid I heard that when Vishnu (One of the Trinity God according to Indian traditions) blinks his eye a whole Yuga (Refer Wiki) passes. So his blinking is so long. This “So Long” is in my frame of reference. I, or say you, blink every 10 seconds and Vishnu blinks in say about million years.

As a kid I could never comprehend these things, and still as per my limited abilities, I wonder about this. However, I was thinking about it once, Let me compare my blinking and an mayfly blinking. As an average human life span I live say about 70 years a mayfly will live just for a day. So, is it likely that mayfly will also blink every 10 or 15 seconds?

It was an inteRelativityresting question in my mind, however I am not a Zoologist, I need to go to some experts to analyze these things. In the mean time, I found something relevant to my understanding. Here is a comparison to those who are Engineers specially for those who have learnt Microprocessors in their Engineering. Below is a proportional timescale, perhaps someone made this comparison just for fun. It is quite interesting though.

How to read this table – Left column (e.g. 1 CPU Cycle) is the base time field, second column is actual time of that base time field (Human clock time 0.3 ns nano seconds) and a proportional conversion (e.g. 1 Second).

According to this table, a physical system reboot will actually takes 5 minutes (Human clock minutes), if that is converted to the proportional timescale that would be equal to 32 millennium. Now, I can relate to the life times and blinking of Vishnu. Though I can still not comprehend God Vishnu as a God in Human form.

I shall write on relativity as a scientific concept and applied to spirituality, may be in future blogs.

Image source – LinkedIn updates, unknown

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