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Mumbai has taught me the value of time e.g. after 7:55 am, there is 8:00 and then 8:02 am… not necessarily 8:05 am.  8:02 because I used to catch an 8:02 local for office :).

I went to meet my cousin sister and my aunt yesterday. My brother in law – Jay Phadke – is an electronics engineer. He actually is one, otherwise Indian engineers irrespective of their field of engineering become software developer or MBAs (I am on of them :)). He designs electronics devices and interesting ones. At my cousin sister’s home there was no wall clock at least in drawing room.

Clock 1I could not see a wall clock anywhere, but while speaking when we went to the Kitchen, there was a digital clock which shows temperature as well – of course he made it. We started speaking on “Time”. Here is edited talk

I am going to contradict myself from 1st para – Time is “just a reference”. In our generation we have become slaves of time.  

Our work is defined and decided by “What is the time?”.

If I show you the first column second row clock to you (7:50 AM) on a working day morning, you will start rushing to office. If it is, the second column and first row (2:20 PM) you might have just had your lunch in office. Now look closer (corners of each clock), all those 4 clocks are actually one clock tilted by 90 degrees. That is the mad rush we have created for ourselves.

Now if you look at the other set of images on right, you would realize, there is a dial without numbers and thereClock 2 are numbers on dial without hour/minute hands. Both these hands are just references. These references are driving us crazy in the competitive world. I am of the opinion that – One’s purpose should drive the person and not necessarily the hour/minute hands of a wrist watch.

In my opinion one must take things seriously but not so seriously that one becomes salve – as we are of time. The best day for human being will be a day when the first dial becomes the clock – no digits and no hour/minute hand – we would be free.

Mumbai has taught me a lot – I respect and value time. At the same time, Mumbai has taught me a lot to think while traveling more than an hour daily. Think about why am I doing what am I doing?

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Race – never ending

Race – never ending
Race – never ending
Race – never ending