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There is an old age home in Andheri East area in Mumbai. As a kid and an adolescent I lived in small towns. This old age home seemed awkward to me. I always thought to visit this place but until now I have not. In my childhood I have seen joint families, many people around. That one big family used to be social security. There were problems in that system e.g. no privacy, compromises etc. One of my friends – Dhaval Thakar – has one son, he keeps on saying there should be at least two kids to each family. He quotes many reasons such as, in old age when his son gets married and by chance his daughter-in-law also is single child, both his son and D-i-L will have burden of 4 dependents and then their kids. The old age home I cross often, becomes a reality when I think about what Dhaval says, but I somehow cannot digest that concept. I feel we as a culture are dynamically changing (specially in India) and not necessarily for good. All this is happening without any other safety net ready for next 15-20 or say 50 years.

Natraj CultureI completely buy-in his point. However, now a days even educating a single child is very expensive. Furthermore, in present day economy we do not offer any social security in India. On the contrary there are questions on survival of citizen. So, these things make me question the way we are growing.

In the name of GDP and growth and vibrant economy we are making everything expensive.

The Western culture was actually a lost culture and in East we are losing our cultural heritage.

I say lost cultures are the European and American… and culture lost is (kind of) Indian culture. Indian’s have been following many things blindly what happens in the developed nations. But have we ever noticed – there are broken families, there are psychological problems there is prosperity but not mental peace they may be overfed but undernourished!

Image source – http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/bd/Bronze_Shiva_as_lord_of_the_dance_CAC.JPG