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Long time back I watched a movie Seven years in Tibet (book link Author – Heinrich Harrer). It was based on true story. In that movie after meeting the Dalai Lama Chinese representative makes a comment – “Religion is a poison” (Watch the video below).

While watching the movie, I was shocked to hear this statement and was offended. Well, that time I did not start writing this blog, though I had reverence for the Buddha and the teachings of the Buddha. However, I knew this lessons even as a kid, when I had seen many religious violence, riots and subsequent curfews in my town (Dhar Madhya Pradesh). This lessons proves to be true historically and when we see what is happening in present day world. I intend to point at the Israel and Palestine conflict. I know when people will read this many will have their opinions. Here are two 5 min videos to give you different perspectives.

[in case video is not embedded Link]

The other one

[in case video is not embedded Link]

Decision is yours to take sides. But I’ve realized – religion is poison. Religion is poison the way it’s preached & practiced now a days. One of my friends, Dhaval Thakar, suggested me to read a Huffington Post article before making my mind and opinion on the conflict – 7 Things to Consider Before Choosing Sides in the Middle East Conflict. A very relevant question is there in the post – why are we not questioning deaths happening in the attacks of ISIS and the killings during dictatorships of many rulers including – Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi et al. In fact there are conflicts all across the world – until we finish the weapons we have already made how can new weapons be sold?

The fanaticism we follow in the name of religion is really a poison. Now watch this movie directed by Vijay Raaz – “Kya dilli Kya Lahore” worth asking few questions.

PS – at least I never heard the Buddha teaching killing, his one biggest lesson was compassion, besides meditation.