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I am a heavy user of internet and mobile. There have been times when almost always I am on internet. In my office about 8-9 hours I am on my laptop. When I am traveling I am on internet through my mobile or fiddling with my mobile many a times completely unnecessarily. When I am at home, my Wi-Fi is on both laptop & mobile are connected to internet. Effectively, I was not using my electronics gadgets “only” when I am asleep!

Responsive_Web_DesignMy friends kept on saying, I never believed that I use my mobile overly many times without any reason! My friend Nilesh Yeram sent me a link – install “Break Free” in your mobile. The app has shown me the mirror – “you have unlocked my mobile about 70 times”, of course I did not receive so many calls or SMSes. Eye opening notifications were “you are on twitter for 30 min!” “Get off call/whatsapp” This made me question myself – “Is Technology empowering us or enslaving us?”

The word slavery looked too daunting to me. I felt how can I be a slave- my ego was speaking. So I checked Dictionary; Slavery according to Dictionary.com is “the condition of being subject to some influence or habit”. I am indeed a slave of mobile. I know I am empowered a lot by internet, but slowly I became a slave of these devices. This reminds me of The book of Mirdad – we live the statement Slave is master of the master.

This I received on “WhatsApp” today!


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