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When Anna said once – “I don’t agree to party politics.” I didn’t understand that. During election days I was being very hopeful on good candidates from the opposition parties and hoping they would make it one sided whitewash of ruling parties. Unfortunately I was too optimistic about Indian political system. There are many tainted candidates from all parties who have been in power for so many years. Just to give you a perspective

Criminals in Election

Source – ADR report first 6 phases Link

Note when my friend Vaibhav called to suggest write on elections I said no. He suggested don’t write favoring any party. So this suggestion boils down to what Anna Hazare said. A good way to make Indian political system accountable is voting a non criminal, non corrupt and good candidate at each constituency. Then forget he/she is from which party.

This will eventually force everyone to put forth better candidates – educated and worth voting for.