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It was a Monday morning I woke up at 6:00 AM, got ready for office. Call it Monday blues for others but for me Monday’s are s different type of race. Race to get to the main road, catch a cab (cabbies dont want to go short distance ~6 KM <60 INR), board a local train to Andheri station run from there too to catch an Auto or Bus; where there is already a big line! Seriously, at times I feel “life is a race” (reminds me of a dialog in movie 3 idiots), no one knows race for what and where! The story does not end here. Whenever I cross NALCO (a stop for buses in Andheri East area), I see kids walking to school. One thought comes to my mind – these kids too have their office! That office is called school.

At least till 8th standard, I don’t remember if I had gone to school, after exams for 1 full month of April month. My niece, she is not even 5 years finished her LKG in March; goes to her office (e.g. school) at 8:00 AM in April Month – yes she is in UKG now – she has got promoted! In our offices too we have a system of promotion (at least examination in March-April) isn’t it?

This does not seem to me as education – we are making machines. My sister teaches in a school – I asked her what is the purpose of education? Why are you a teacher? Her response was unconventional. She said I want to make the kids expand their horizons. I added do you think schooling is doing it right? She had a mixed response.

I feel forcing kids to school is not education, it can at best be schooling. Here please think of “Schooling” – as a verb! Such as training a horse for Showjumping!