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Once I was walking to office. I saw two carts in little distance, both had guava. One had fresh guava and other had relatively not so fresh once. I instantly thought what if these stale ones have insects and small creatures. A guava for those insects & small creatures must be the world in itself.

I remembered I ate an apple yesterday, what if it too has such insects? Those insects were nothing in front of me, there must be many such insects within me right now! Few of them must be thinking – “I did this great stuff or that great stuff today” et al. Interesting, isn’t it? For me or you – well we do not even know they exist, forget about their ‘great’ actions.

What if we are such small insects for someone! We are going across the galaxy and lo! this is another something small for someone. Someone who we don’t even know or imagine that he/she even exists!

We look at the world with our own speck, yes we create our own world, unaware about small or huge ‘other’ around us!

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