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I was traveling from Mumbai to Pune for some meetings, in my oblivion talking to my senior and looking at road. Suddenly I looked out of window – wow! I am crossing through a beautiful place. This is wonderful, the waterfall, its open you can look long distance.”

That gaze was like just sit here for meditation; for those who enjoy involving themselves in some activities they can climb the mountain, trek or kick around their football or cycle in some planes. Those who want to party can take their cans of beverages and drink, eat and be happy.

I have noticed this occasionally that we just overlook things around us. We are just rushing. Back in the car, I was really rushing to the client meeting, we started talking back about the problem, possible solution frameworks and all.

At the back of my mind – the thought cropped up – some other day. We do not have time in our chore just to sit and reflect, or sit and do nothing or sit and just be thankful for what awesome things we have around – for example appreciate this place, sound of the waterfall, chirping of the birds etc. We pass our life thinking – some other day. That day rarely comes…

Some other day – may be today?