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Dada GavandIt was a rainy day in June 2007 when I took a train to Thane. I did not know anything about how to reach Yeoor. Android phones were not around so I had to find my way. Being new to Mumbai I just asked people on different places and reached Yeoor.  Thought this was not the right time for me to meet him. Someone there told me that he does not meet people now, he is very old and he is taking rest. So I came back. Next time I went with my Sister in Sept 2007 early morning, we sat outside and waited, to our surprise he opened the door himself.

When I saw him for the first time, and later as well, I was completely awe stuck, everything, thought and feeling vanished. So much of serenity was flowing off his face that I had nothing to talk or ask. It was a meeting of a life time. In my first meeting I only sat in open space, my sister talked with Dadaji. While sitting I had strange feeling (perhaps that is meditation), I can not explain that but there was a lot of light around me (though my eyes were close for about half an hour). Then someone (later I got to know him as Rajuji from Parel) came, I opened my eyes. He gestured to keep quiet and pointed at ground. I followed his instruction and looked – there was a snake. Without hurting anyone of us it went. In my first meeting generally I didn’t speak much but had a great experience.

I met him later with my parents and with my art of living teacher. always I had seen the tranquility on his face and I just could say that a lot of peace was permeated through him, I don’t know how else can I explain his existence. He passed away a couple of months back so I thought to offer him a tribute on his birth anniversary 4th September.

His site and his message to us is available on this site. I read a few of his books the books are below.

1. Intelligence beyond thought

2. Beyond The Mind

3. Towards the Unknown: The Journey Into New-Dimensional Consciousness

4. Intuitive Intelligence: A Play: Within and Without