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For a month I was in a kind of self imposed exile from blogging. I had ideas to write yet as a couple of people earlier suggested, I wont be able to continue blogging with time. I think their ideas ‘kind-of-caught-up’. It is my 100th blog so I was thinking about writing something special and thus waited to write a necklace (blog) having different blogs (as its beads and thread) in the 100th blog.  I’m keeping my idea of connecting my previous blogs in a necklace for future and writing on commitment. It only require small commitment and consistency to do something e.g. blogging.

Yesterday evening, I was travelling from Nasik to Mumbai. I took a bus and therefore I had a chance to see farm lands, small villages and small water ponds on either side of road. During rainy season we see – at times – naturally created water ponds. It is surprising that in the summers we see acute water shortage. I was wondering about it. Simultaneously, my sister was reading a blog post of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Guruji) – Knowledge sheet. Here I am thinking about water-shed project concept and listening to my sister reading – austerity, what Guruji say – “…Austerity is often mistaken to be poverty, self-denial. It is neither. Austerity comes out of maturity. It is a sign of social health.

Often people who practice austerity are resentful of richness. This is a very pitiable state. Such austerity is not born out of maturity but out of compulsion. The true austerity has tolerance for richness and is never resentful…”

I see two connections here in my thoughts – commitment and austerity. The “austerity measures” being talked for a long time are not based on “social health” and therefore are opposed – because there would be a handful of people losing their “facilities” for doing service for the society. This austerity has come from compulsion. Isn’t it? There is lake of commitment in the actions of austerity.

It was true in my not blogging too that I waited to write a very special blog on connecting all dots of my previous thoughts in the line of the concept of my blogging. We observe lack of commitment is the case in water-shed also. I remember my days as a kid in Dhar (MP). There I have faced water shortage problem and I personally used to travel long distance to bring water in summers. When we shifted to Indore I suggested few officials for rainwater harvesting, they did it. In the building where my parents live now, they have done rain water harvesting and that is not rocket science. I was wondering why we all are not doing it? We can fight and die for water but taking a small step is not possible. Why? because it requires “a-bit-of-commitment”.

I have lost hopes from politicians and therefore not writing about that. Dhar where I used to live as a kid, had a king – King Bhoj – about 1000 years ago. He – unlike our politicians – knew the problem and worked to solve it. There used to be 12 lakes in Dhar, these lakes were connected, water overflow from one would end up collected in another and so on. We – as an Independent Indian – are fighting for “NOT CONNECTING RIVERS”, because it requires a bit of commitment. With Team Anna coming in the front I see a ray of hope that things would fall in place.

What it requires is a commitment? Take one project complete it, whatever constraints are there resolve them. Next time I would write about commitment and theory of constraints.