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Its been three weeks I did not write anything on blog. I felt as if I am not doing justice with my blogging. However, I was too busy with work and therefore could not fulfill this commitment. This passion when put on hold by professional responsibilities, I can understand how difficult would it be for us to think of some lesser important things which may hamper our personal life. Well, whom to apologies for this – to myself?

Since 1995-96 India is on a mission – Remove Polio from India. I remember I – as a student – had to participate in a speech on the same in 1995-96. Daughter of one of my acquaintance herself went to a stall of Pulse Polio mission and got administered these drops (she was quite adventurous!). This mission is still running, apparently every year February to April the activities are quite high. Last Sunday my niece was administered these drops. This initiative made me think.

I remembered my MBA class of economics. In that class Prof asked – what if I alone have a Fax Machine in the whole world? There is no use of such device when one cannot send or receive faxes, right? I tried extended this concept of network effect on the Polio issue. Even if a child is left without treatment for polio chances are that the decease may extend to coming generations. I could also connect this network effect and treatment of polio to interdependent co-arising. Needless to say, Polio virus would not see if a child is born rich or poor, belongs to which caste, color or religion. Therefore, the important thing is – we need to help each other as a society and get rid of things such as Polio or let us go beyond Polio – corruption, greed and selfishness etc etc. Because we are all connected to each other.