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Have you ever asked a question to yourself – why? Why am I doing it? Why am I running from pillars to posts either aimlessly or with an aim. Once the aim is achieved – what next? Every strategic question stems a WHY in the mind of management also, right?

So the question, why? Leads organizations as well as individuals. This question has led me to think about far in the future how we (individually, socially and economically) might evolve, as well as how I see things should/could happen. This is where I see the collaboration would play a bigger role. Look at crowd sourcing, look at open source. My assumption is – in a given day – maximum downloads in the world are happening from Android market place. That is again a collaboration – a freemium service (free+paid).

*If I talk about some more technical stuff – at times companies make their intellectual properties ‘public’ without a patent, for example SQL. It was invented at IBM however was kept open (not patented, of course you may argue on the possibility of software patent in 1970s etc etc). Also you may argue that it was a mistake.*

A couple of years back I wrote articles on format wars and the failure of Betamax (and of HD DVD). Have you ever seen there are times when you have to stop fighting and start working together? There may be times when a company has to collaborate because of its dependence or loss in the market place. The fact of the matter is – at times collaboration is forced and in other cases by choice. Yesterday I read a news article on The Hindu that RIM (manufacturer of Black Berry) introduced its new operating system (OS) for its BlackBerry PlayBook tablets with additional functionalities, including the ability to run Android-based applications. Nokia with Windows, Blu-ray with content providers and manufacturers, VHS with OEM. I am confident the future businesses would be built on Collaboration, association and aggregation.

…And as the cliche is – humans are social animals – we would remain social animals and collaboration would be the name of the game. So, for business some “business rules” would go on shelf and some new rules would evolve.

* Readers are warned that the IBM and SQL part is not a professional advice as a registered patent agent, the example is used as representation of authors thoughts about the future.