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Have you had eye sight related issue? I recently had a very strange one. I observed – at occasions – faces of people elongated. It was strange and I started thinking what if I lose my eyes? Well, I wont die! only eyes would be lost. I am not the eyes, eyes are part of me. I went one step further, what happens when we die? We lose eyes, ears e.g. all five senses. But does it mean that if we lose the senses we would be dead? What dies when a person dies? I wonder when I say MY eyes, MY this and MY that. Who is this MY? Who am I? Does this ‘My’ e.g. possession, end when we die? Are we just body or there is something beyond body?

Well, that seems too complicated. I rushed to an specialist. Thankfully, there seems to be no apparent problem, I am under observation though. I informed I have filled eye donation form, what happens in such cases, how does eye donation work? He said cornea is used in eye donation. So even if I have specks there is no big issue. That was good feedback, if you have not filled eye donation form do it, because you can help someone even after your death. Perhaps! eyes are forever!