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I was thinking about few things and somehow it boiled down to one of my previous blog – Life is… Simple. I was thinking – when ‘I’ (Ego) would not remain many of our problems would end. Because physical problems happen to the body; bigger problems occurs because those problems germinate from our mind, right? Life is simple, we complicate it. When “I” think, “I” create a world with “my thoughts” and that world would always be imperfect. There would always be disconnect between the world created in mind and the world mind sees. Either the mind should create similar world, accept the world as it is or mind should cease to exist.

I remembered The Book Of Mirdad when I thought about “I”. This book is very well written. The first chapter of the “Book of Mirdad” speaks about the Forbidden Word – ‘I’.

The settings of the book are as follows – i. location Noahs ark and ii. out of many things – using the word “I” is forbidden according to the rules set by Noah centuries ago. The book of Mirdad starts with two chapters on “I”. Quoting from the book –

…Your eyes are veiled with far too many veils. Each thing you look upon is but a veil.
Your lips are sealed with far too many seals. Each word you utter forth is but a seal…

In my understanding – we see what we want to see (a rope looks like a snake) and we hear what we want to hear. All because the interpretation is done by none other than our Mind. Further, Mirdad says –

…The eye can veil, but cannot pierce the veils.
The lip can seal, but cannot break the seals…

The book is profound because in the very next chapter, Mirdad makes a completely opposite statement which is completely opposite to the decree of Noah (about using the forbidden word – “I”). On one page he says – avoid using the word “I” in your speech because this is not true on the very next page it says “I” is a “creative word” (it is source and center of all things). The rider here is – “…say forthwith in your heart ’ God be my refuge from the woes of I and be my guide unto the bliss of I’…”

Effectively, when we say “I” it is largely the Ego talking, whereas when Mirdad says “I” (the creative word) it is the source of and from the creator of the world… Stop using “I”, harping and harnessing “the ego” and when you do that – “life is – Simple”.