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Life is simple, you breath in, you breath out. This is as simple as it can be. Right? Well, then comes a problem. You have your heart, your mind and your society. All of them start giving you some or the other perception, choices and opinions to affect you. The best part is you start listening to all of them. You listen to them and you are in a vicious circle of endless ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and ‘yeses’ and ‘nos’. And thus, life becomes complex and at some time miserable. You forget in all this juggling – life is simple, you breath in and breath out. One day, you breath out and… everything stops (for you).

In all this complexity, have you ever observed – you have forgotten a very simple fact. You are alive until you breath and you relegate this important activity and start taking it for granted. I think this is how people start meditating, right? Well, meditation is for elderly and learned people, I am not that. So, why to think so big?

When I am thinking all this, I realized that I gave some thoughts to my mind and this mind has started creating opinions. I remembered reading something similar in a book of Richard Bach (I think in the book Illusions) – Existence “is”, that is enough. Why create story around that? So ‘life is…’ why even think if it is ‘simple’ LIFE IS… live it 🙂