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“Interestingly philosophical and strangely confusing”, profound and spiritual.

I have read the book twice, once in English and second time in Hindi recently. When I read The book of Mirdad I had a strange feeling both the times, I either get into profound silence or an eternal turmoil of thoughts. I try to comprehend and I try to fathom the depth of the book. I believe I can write a lot on, about, around and in relation to the book. However, with my limited knowledge and depth of many things, this blog is sharing the following from the book of Mirdad –

‘Less possessing – less possessed.
More possessing – more possessed.
More possessed – less accessed.
Less possessed – more accessed.’

In Hindi it is –

कम परिगृह – कम बंधन।
अधिक परिगृह – अधिक बंधन।
अधिक बंधन – कम मोल।
कम बंधन – अधिक मोल।

I liked many parts and I would love to share those at occasion in future blogs. You can buy and read a Hindi translation of the same book at throw-away price from Radha Swami Satsang Beas or the English version at The Book Of Mirdad