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These dialogs of the Movie Matrix are very dear to me. The Matrix in Hindi was translated as Mayajaal. Maya means illusion. When this movie was released I was doing my Engineering and by chance I was learning about control systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Networks. I along with one of my friends Vijayant Thakur did extensive work on the same.

When I watched that movie, I could relate to so many things of my education that I started thinking that one day I will make my own AI based matrix :). Finally, I did my major project thesis on AI. Besides the technical aspects of the movie, it touched me on a spiritual levels too. Though I did not and (feel do not) understand spirituality much, I could feel some very strange relation between technology and spirituality. I thought to put the blog on Matrix because of the following few sentences of another beloved book of mine – Living with the Himalayan Masters by Swami Rama (page 62).

“… My master said that avidya means individual ignorance while maya is both individual and cosmic illusion. Ma means ‘no’ and ya means ‘that’. That which is not self-existent yet appears to exist, like mirage, is called maya. Then he explained another school fo philosophy which maintains that maya is universal illusion and also the mother of the universe…”

In the movie The Matrix the same happens – a universal illusion is created which makes people feel that it is the year 1999.

The dialogs which I am sure many people know and admire (hats off to the screenplay and dialog writers).

“Don’t think you are KNOW you are!” – and very interestingly this statement of Morpheus is contrary to Greek philosophy – Cogito Ergo Sum!. That is where difference between philosophies of East and West comes alive.

“Com’on don’t TRY to hit me and HIT me.” Do not TRY, DO it.
“The body cannot live without the mind.”
“I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.

I used to tell my friends if given a chance to work in that movie, I would want to play the role of Morpheus rather than Neo. I enjoyed watching the movie, it relates to us on different levels and specially to us in professional and spiritual life. For example –

[Conditions applied] One should do what one is passionate about (believes in) – Neo takes ‘red pill’ to know about the Matrix. [As long as one is not hurting the others privacy and not killing other – read terrorism].

…Take a ‘red pill’ and see how deep the rabbit hole goes…