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Few years back I read books written by Dr Brian Weiss. Dr Weiss is a psychotherapist, had published papers in journals and was teaching in a University. During late 70s and early 80s his life changed complete, when he was treating one of her clients. The first book of Dr Weiss I read was based on this patients treatment, title of the book is – Many lives many masters. It is a good book, about Past lifes and past life regression methods. After reading the third book – Only love is real, I wrote the following review on . In total I read four books of Dr Weiss
1. Many Lives Many Masters,
2. Same Soul Many Bodies,
3. Only Loves Is Real and
4. Messages From The Masters exactly in the same order.

I am of the opinion that everyone should read at least Many lives many masters and Only love is real. One point, when you read the books please do not think of your ideology or what you have been taught since childhood, just read the book. The review is below.

You believe in past life or not… you can learn from this book, sometimes you can read it as a novel. But believe me you will not only love reading it but will understand the depth of the phenomenon called “LIFE”.

I am more of a spiritual but not religious, still after reading the book I felt the depth of the teachings of the Buddha and Hindu-ism. Please do not go to the dogmatic belief of any religion when you are reading this review.

It would be good if you read Same soul many bodies (its almost the Buddha teachings in chapters), when I read that I felt that Buddhas teachings are retold. I would say read “Only love is real” and do not ask me more, but I would say read it and understand the meaning deep meanings.. we are not just this life we are all eternal be happy… be loving.

On the contrary is Ashtavakra Geeta. So do not get confused, do read at least Many lives many masters and Only love is real. When I read those books the books were expensive, I think they are relatively economical now through online.