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Two thousand five hundred years ago, a man (The Buddha) said – there is suffering, there is cause of suffering, there is a solution and the solution. After so many years, we understood the cause and effect relationship, yet we experience sufferings…

Japan was hit by a major earth quack, economy of big super powers is still struggling, inflation is rising, corruption (in India at least) etc. These are macro problems, there are many micro problems happening daily in life of each one of us. Yes there is suffering.

At the first place, we are ambitious, in last five hundred years we have progressed so much. We tried solving so many riddles, went on moon too, still there is suffering. Is our being ambitious a cause of suffering? We want money, power and respect in society, is that a driving force? Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory seems pertinent to me here. I was reading todays DNA (Daily News and Analysis) – a newspaper in Mumbai. Front page first item today is on Suicide and how to avoid that. I was wondering the real issue of facing the problem (cause of suffering) is not issued, why? I think we are avoiding the real issue.

No doubt there is suffering, there is a cause of suffering too. The question to ask is – what is the cause? If a man (The Buddha) could find solution and suggest it to us 2500 years ago why cannot we do one of the two possible things?
1. learn the solution he preached
2. try to find our own solution

If one (the Buddha) person could do it so many years ago, why cannot we do it now? We are evolved (I presume) and we can solve our sufferings… we at least have a (many paths) path. Path suggested to us by many masters in the past – Jesus, Prophet and many Indian Masters in the past have preached. Still after many hundreds of years we have not moved from – there is suffering, and there is cause of suffering… when are we going to move to the next step of solution…

The macro problems I wrote above, can be solved when we start solving micro problems, it is collective wisdom which would play a major role when we are individually wise.