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This post is dedicated to all my friends whom I met exactly one year back at SP Jain Center of Management Singapore Campus. Video on the link of Youtube. This is a song from an old Hindi Movie (Chhoti Si Baat). Bold are the lyrics in English for my international friends… for Phuong – please don’t try to learn Hindi from the below translation you may get confused 🙂

Na Jaane Kyu, Hota Hai Yeh Zindagi Ke Saath
Achaanak Yeh Mann, Kisike Jaane Ke Baad
Kare Phir Uski Yaad Chhoti Chhoti Si Baat
Na Jaane Kyun …
I wonder why, this happens with life
this mind suddenly remembers
small things about someone; after he is gone

I wonder why

Jo Anjaan Pal, Dhal Gaye Kal, Aaj Woh
Rang Badal Badal, Mann Ko Machal Machal
Rahen Hai Chal, Na Jaane Kyun Woh Anjaan Pal
Saje Bhi Na Mere, Naino Mein
Toote Re Hai Re Sapno Ke Mahal
Na Jaane Kyun …
Those unknown moments,
happened earlier,
are playing in mind today I wonder why

Without you my dreams of palace are shattered
I wonder why it happens with life

Wohi Hai Dagar, Wohi Hai Safar
Hai Nahin Saath Mere Magar Ab Mera Humsafar
Idhar Udhar Dhoonde Nazar Wohi Hai Dagar
Kahan Gayi Shaamein, Madhbhari
Woh Mere, Mere Woh Din Gaye Kidhar
Na Jaane Kyun …
The road is same the jorney is the same
my eyes are searching for my companion
I wonder why…

Where did my evenings go
where did my days go
Wonder why is this happens with life
suddenly this mind
remembers small things
about someone after he is gone
I wonder why…

Good luck to you all, do well. It was a wonderful learning experience with wonderful classmates and Professors.