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I was inspired by the book “Old Path White Clouds” and learnt a lot about Buddhism and the Buddha from the same. The concept of the blog also came from that understanding. So, here in this blog I am posting what I felt while I was reading the last chapters of the book –

When I was reading the last 3-4 chapters of the book, I stopped and was not willing to continue because I did not want The Buddha to die. I was so much connected to the book that I was not reading the book – “I was living the book”, and so I was not willing to let the time reach when The Buddha had to depart. In other words I did not want the Buddha to die (even in the book), it is worth appreciating the way the last chapters have been compiled and written. I realized later –

1) This (what I was reading) has happened 2500 years ago

2) The book itself says at various places (repeat various places) that

i. the thing which has a start will eventually end, if there is birth there is death. So, why am I worried that The Buddha will die or to complete it? Or am I thinking that The Buddha will die when I read those chapters (of course when I was living the book i.e. reading the book, I was in that mindset)?

ii. Our body is only one manifestation rather a physical manifestation and if the body dies it does not mean we cease to exist

And I continued to read and completed the book. The book has become a treasure for me, and I have started looking at business from a different perspective. If you want to know about the Buddha and Buddhism the book is a must read.