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In the first month of reaching Dubai, we friends went to Barasti bar in required party wear e.g. shoes, jeans shirts and T-shirts, shaven etc etc. Doorman said “only for pairs”. We said ‘our girlfriends are already in’; we were told call them out and then you can enter. We called them and were waiting outside. The wait outside was the trigger for this wish. [On a lighter note – I do not have a ‘girlfriend’ but yes ‘friends those who are girls’]

I critically observed the operation of the doorman. By the time our friends came out I observed few things. One, roughly four groups of people went inside. Each group had average four members. Few were in their car, parked their car somewhere and walked toward the Barasti gate. Those were coming from a nearby residence (this is my guess, owning a car and their outfits).

The teasing and striking part is this. Those groups going in were wearing – floaters [instead of shoes], 3/4th [instead of jeans or pants] and sleeveless [instead of T-shirt or shirts], all were male (perhaps male pairs in the language of the Doorman of Barasti). There was only one group which was 3 males and 1 female. Why were they allowed, I asked myself and to my friends. The only possible reason to let them enter was – skin color. They were European or American ‘white’. We waiting outside were brown skin [on ‘von Luschan scale’ 21-28].
I decided not going to Barasti in future, my friends are liberal they are giving a chance to Barasti to be ‘racially neutral’ for a better tomorrow. My friends are celebrating New Year at Barasti. I wish for the year 2011, organizations, places and societies become more liberal. I am not saying all are as Barasti – discriminating. There are a few who may still be functioning such that the term – ‘Racist’ still exist in the English Dictionary.

It was my maiden experience to go to a bar or night club. Oh yes! Eventually we went inside as our ‘girlfriends’ came out.

I wrote my experience with due respect to all of us and our skin colors, trust you would not mind it. I showed a mirror to myself, trust we also saw ourselves. The thoughts presented in the blog are based on my experience; I am not on one side or the other. In my opinion, in the battle of mind and opinions we – human beings – are on the same side. We need to face the mindset and move towards a direction wherein equality is the name of the game. At times I feel we all are on the same side, still we fight.

My wish for the year, organizations, places and societies become more liberal and racially neutral.