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I posted possibility thinking blog yesterday and one of my friends, Amol, responded to one of the photo I posted on Facebook earlier. The context of the image and the image is as follows –

Flood in Western India

Necessity is mother of invention

This was a photo in Mid-day (a newspaper in Mumbai) sometime in 2007/08/09. I do not own the copyright for the picture.
Posting this photo for sensitizing people about problem in some parts of India…

Caption for this image in Mid-day was – Father of Invention.
Response of my friend to this (possibility thinking) is
I see few good things in it…
1. It supports “go green” concept as this boat is not made of wood – saving trees..
2. It shows next generation boat where one or two holes wont drown it – multiple air sockets help it float…at the same time, it has option for expansion due to open ends…
3. I see unity – multiple pots r helping together to keep this guy float
4. I see alternative way of selling veg/fish/flowers, etc. which can be carried out in these pots as permissible – fun way of shopping for me!
5. At the end of the day, u can bring home some fresh water… 😉

If he can do this without education, he can do ++ with education….