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My professor, Professor Tomas Lopez often wraps his lessons in simple and interesting ways. His one of the lessons was very simple, profound and meaningful. That lesson was defining meditation (not literally though) for the corporate leaders, for the young generation and for the affluent golfers. The lesson was so disguised that prima-facie it looked as it is a lesson on golf (or marketing). However, the profound meaning was for everyday and the soul. In simple words he said – do not force yourself for doing things, let the things happen through you. Trust this message is clear.

Let me give you the verbatim statement – “you know what, marketing is like playing golf, you have to swing naturally”. In other words – chances are the harder you try the miserably you fail. So, do not force, let the things happen naturally. ‘The harder you try the miserably you fail’, I heard/read it somewhere… you know where!